Nokia turns to Orange for private wireless network in Poland

Here’s an interesting private wireless network reference deployment – the location is Poland, and the enterprise user is Nokia, which has turned to Orange to be its service provider partner.

Nokia wanted a private 4G/5G network for its 13,000 metres square facility (factory, test and integration beds and R&D centre) spread across three buildings in Bydgoszcz, a city in northern Poland. 

The vendor selected Orange Polska as its network partner, but of course is basing the network platform on its Nokia Digital Automation Cloud, “a private application platform that is capable of high throughput, low latency, and local edge processing,” notes Orange in its local language announcement about the deployment.  

The network is completely private – there is no integration with Orange Polska’s wide area network. “It is inaccessible to other, unauthorized users and allows you to quickly deploy and run new factory-specific applications,” notes Orange. “Such separation of services is possible thanks to dedicated SIM cards.”

Piotr Binda, Customer Team Head, Europe East at Nokia, noted: “Nokia has extensive experience in creating private campus networks in 4G LTE and 5G technologies, and the solution that we have implemented together with Orange in our Bydgoszcz headquarters guarantees a very high level of security and flexibility of our activities. Together with our partner, Orange, we are opening a new stage in the development of our factory of the future, offering a better on-site experience and ensuring our efficiency and competitiveness.”


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