Noctiluca will debut on April 12 on the NewConnect market

The Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE) set Tuesday, April 12, as the date of the first listing of Noctiluca shares on the NewConnect market, the company said. The reference price at the start of trading will be PLN 28 per share, therefore the initial capitalization of the company is PLN 41 million, it was also announced.

“Entering NewConnect is a step that the company declared to its investors from the pre-IPO round, in which we obtained a total of PLN 8.7 million, reaching a valuation of PLN 41 million (USD 10 million) in September 2021. So far, we have been trusted by over 115 investors, and with our debut, we hope that this group will grow to include shareholders who see the enormous potential of new technologies, ”said the president of Noctiluca, Mariusz Bosiak, quoted in the announcement.

Noctiluca SA (New Materials) is a technology company dealing with the development of advanced chemicals in the field of photonics, which are used by manufacturers of displays and OLED panels. Noctiluca develops and produces third and fourth generation OLED emitters, which are a key element of displays (monitors, TV sets, smartphones, wearables and VR devices).

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