Noctiluca has an NDA and advanced MTA negotiations with a US technology conglomerate

Noctiluca signed an NDA (non-disclosue agreement) agreement and entered the stage of advanced MTA (material transfer agreement) negotiations with an American multinational technology company that owns, among others Several social networking sites and instant messaging services, and a virtual and augmented reality headset development company, Noctiluca said.

“The partner is an American international technological conglomerate, and its entities deal with advertising, mobile communication, the creation of VR / AR goggles, as well as intelligent displays and videophones. The partner focuses on building the 'metaverse' concept that combines all the partner's products and services, including goggles and displays using OLED, ”reads the release.

MTA is a formal start of emitter tests by a partner (evaluation and joint tests) and entering into long-term business talks. As a standard, the potential effects of such cooperation are achievable within 12-18 months. Due to the importance of the MTA provisions and the time required to negotiate them, the issuer's management board expects to conclude an MTA agreement with a partner in the perspective of 1-2 quarters. The mutual transfer of confidential and technical information is expected to detail the applicability of Noctiluca technologies in the partner's solutions containing OLED displays, and the assumed MTA agreement to enable the partner to provide samples of the issuer's materials, was also announced.

Noctiluca is a technology company dealing with the development of advanced chemical compounds in the field of photonics, which are used by manufacturers of displays and OLED panels. Noctiluca develops and produces third and fourth generation OLED emitters, which are a key element of displays (monitors, TV sets, smartphones, wearables or VR devices). It made its debut on NewConnect in April 2022.

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