No Fluff Jobs expands its IT recruitment services to Slovakia

After rapid expansion to Ukraine and Belarus, it’s time for Slovakia. NFJ is entering with a new business model that may revolutionize the industry: publication of a salary range in every job offer.

No Fluff Jobs is a portal that publishes job advertisements for IT specialists. He revolutionized the industry in which he operates, because he is the first and the only one to require the publication of a salary range in every job offer.

  • We have been fighting for transparency in the IT industry for six years. We know that the greatest benefits from publishing salaries by employers are building credibility and trust in the company. (…) – said Tomasz Bujok, president of No Fluff Jobs, when the portal was launched in the Czech Republic.

In Poland, No Fluff Jobs is also the author of periodic reports on the IT industry. He studies the amount of wages in this sector and follows the trends that appear in it. The latest report concerns the situation on the labor market for the so-called juniors – people with the shortest professional experience – and shows that the IT sector still has a lot of work to do on the standards of the recruitment process.

  • Juniors in IT are aware of their difficult situation, but it does not discourage them at all. On the contrary, they show great determination, knowledge of the realities of the labor market and an agile reaction to any changes. As much as 82 percent. juniors want to know as many details as possible about the reasons for their rejection in order to be able to draw conclusions and develop further. (…), comments Dr. Marek Psiuk, responsible for the technological side of No Fluff Jobs.

Almost half of the people who took part in the survey (46%) complain to companies that they do not read the candidate’s CV properly. Recruiters do not fully know the specifics of the industry, position and technology, and during the interview they ask inadequate questions – this is what 42 and 34 percent say, respectively. IT industry adepts.


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