Lithuanian NFQ to hire 100 IT as it expands to Kraków

The joint Lithuanian and German digital innovation company NFQ Technologies, which currently has offices in Lithuania, Germany, Vietnam, and Singapore, starting this July will found a new company in Poland and plans to open a new office in Kraków. 

This year, NFQ plans to grow its team by 20 new colleagues from Poland, and then expand its Polish operations to 100 specialists across a number of fields over the next three years. The company aims to attract experienced JVM, C#/.NET, TypeScript, and PHP programmers, technology managers, IT project managers, business analysts, HR managers, data scientists, data engineers, and software infrastructure engineers interested in joining NFQ’s IT expert teams in Lithuania (Vilnius, Kaunas, and Šiauliai). The new team members will be responsible for delivering services to the company’s partners from around the world.

“In order to ensure that NFQ remains a key factor in our partners’ success, we are not only pursuing organic growth but are also taking active steps to accelerate the development of our partners’ businesses, as well as our own organization. To this end, we’ve already initiated a number of significant changes, including the establishment of a new office in Kraków, Poland – a city we’ve chosen because of its massive IT talent pool and close cultural fit to Lithuania. We plan to complete the first stage of this expansion by July 2021,” said NFQ’s CEO Paulius Insoda.

Poland was selected after several comprehensive analyses were conducted of the IT talent pool, universities, office space, and competitive environment, as well as comparisons of different locations across Europe. 

NFQ is currently developing IT solutions for companies oriented towards digitisation who see the adoption of the latest technologies as crucial to their development. This includes businesses in the e-commerce, omni-channel marketing, transport and logistics, sharing economy, travel, and finance sectors.

In Kraków, NFQ will seek to attract new talent for its partners, such as HomeToGo (the world’s largest search system for holiday rentals), HansNatur (one of Germany’s leading e-sellers of organic goods), Smarketer (a digital marketplace with over 20 million products, available in Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands), Alaiko (a German digital logistics and storage management system), and Weezy (UK’s fast-growing instant delivery start-up for groceries).

According to Paulius Insoda, NFQ’s growth is unlikely to stop after Poland. The need for brick and mortar offices in different countries is dictated by the lack of IT talent in Lithuania and the need of international partners to work with technology service providers capable of quickly providing the flexible assistance required to ensure their clients’ growth, even in cases where doing so might be challenging due to prevailing market conditions.

“Thanks to our Work from Anywhere model, geography is no longer a barrier to success. Whoever has the best IT talent – not only IT solution implementers, but also designers, technology infrastructure developers, and visionaries – that’s where we want to be. As an organisation, we are flexible and ambitious when it comes to growth and development,” P. Insoda said.

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