100% Polish pistols quick hit on civilian market

While over 8,000 soldiers are equipped with the miliary version, the VIS 100 M1 pistols have already sold 1,000 units.

During the last 9 months, from August 2020 to the end of May this year, 1000 VIS 100 M1 pistols have found buyers on the civil market. These are designed and produced by Fabryka Broni Radom.

8,000 cadres have already been equipped with this new permanent weapon in the army, primarily for the Territorial Defense Forces.

The gun, created as part of the program of modernizing the individual equipment of soldiers, is praised by military users for its low weight, optimal dimensions, ergonomics and comfort during fire. They also praise the compliance with strict safety conditions.

Experts emphasize the advantages of the construction and modern materials used for production. The skeleton of the weapon is made of light and durable aluminum alloy. NATO Rail, compatible with the STANAG 4694 standard, designed for mounting a laser target pointer or tactical lighting, increases the functionality of the gun. The weapon is equipped with an automatic fuse that protects against accidental and premature shots. Additionally, the so-called cock release (decocker).

The VIS 100 M1 pistol is a civilian version of the military semi-automatic VIS 100 pistol. The basic version of the weapon was presented for the first time on July 1, 2014, during the opening of the new headquarters of Fabryka Broni in Radom.

  • The new VIS 100 is unique to us. This is the first fully indigenous pistol built from scratch in Poland since the 1990s – emphasizes President Figurski.

The flagship products of “Łucznik” are currently the main rifle MSBS Grot cal. 5.56 × 45 mm and the VIS 100 semi-automatic pistol cal. 9 × 19 mm, assault rifles of the Beryl family (based on the Kalashnikov design) in calibers 5.56 × 45 mm and 7.62 × 39 mm .

The offer is completed by the 9 × 19 mm P99 AS pistols. The plant in Radom also provides specialized services commissioned by external companies. The “Fabryka Broni” brand has existed since 1925.


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