New Israeli program to certify Haredim as guides for Auschwitz tours

The Testimony House Holocaust museum announces Israel’s first training course that is specifically tailored for members of the ultra-Orthodox sector who wish to become certified guides to former Nazi concentration camps.

Haredim who wish to lead Israeli groups on tours of former Nazi concentration camps will now have a course specificaly tailored for their community.

High-school trips to Poland to visit Nazi concentration and labor camps are a well-established tradition in Israel. In recent years, the ultra-Orthodox sector has also begun expressing interest in the subject, which created the need for more Haredi teachers and guides.

The Testimony House Holocaust museum in Nir Galim, in south-central Israel, took it upon itself to fill the need, in partnership with the Michlalah Jerusalem College and Israel Experience offering a course that caters to Haredim.

“The new project will increase the number of visitors to important sites and help keep the memory of the Holocaust alive for generations to come,” Testimony House CEO Rachel Rosenman said.


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