Polish investors can now buy S&P 500 in Warsaw

S&P 500 PLN Hedged BETA ETF, a Beta ETF tracking the index S&P 500 NTR, has been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange (GPW) by AgioFunds TFI. 

Dom Maklerski BOŚ is the offering agent and market maker, and Beta Securities Poland is the co-ordinator of the initiative. It is the sixth ETF to be introduced on the GPW by Agiofunds in co-operation with Beta Securities Poland, and the second ETF to be listed in 2021. 

“More than a half of all assets of equity funds in the USA are invested in ETFs. Likewise, ETFs are gaining popularity in Europe and Asia because they offer transparency and low costs and are traded on the exchange. Investors can buy and sell ETF units just like shares. The S&P 500 ETF provides exposure to 500 US large caps in all sectors. The biggest index participants are new economy giants including Apple, Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook. However, traditional sectors are also broadly represented in the index. The S&P 500 BETA ETF has an embedded FX hedge, which I believe makes it safer for Polish retail investors,” says Izabela Olszewska, Member of the GPW Management Board. 

“We are introducing a new ETF tracking a US index on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. This ETF tracks the most popular index globally, S&P500 which covers the 500 biggest stocks representing more than 80 per cent of the capitalisation of the US market. Like the Nasdaq100 NTR ETF, the S&P500 NTR PLN-Hedged Beta ETF protects investors from FX risk and tracks the index including net dividends,” says Robert Sochacki, Board Member of Beta Securities Poland and Member of the Supervisory Board of Agiofunds TFI. 

Radosław Olszewski, CEO of DM BOŚ, also believes that the new product will attract strong investor interest. 


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