New industrial policy to boost bold investments

Poland’s new industrial policy is to encourage private business to make bold investments, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Development, Labour and Technology Jaroslaw Gowin has told PAP.

The ministry has just started work on Poland’s new industrial policy aimed at strengthening the domestic economy’s resilience to shocks and improving its global competitiveness.

The idea is to “move on from the level of a country with low production and service costs to the level of a country with high competences and high quality standards,” said Gowin.

The minister said that the future industrial policy is addressed to domestic business and based on Polish industry, Polish technology and Polish products.

He noted that the pandemic had showed that it was a mistake to move industrial production outside Europe. “Everyone in the world is aware of the need to shorten the supply chain and the need to make individual countries and the whole of Europe independent of supplies from other continents,” he said.

“We want to support companies operating in our country, to base their production as much as possible on technologies developed in Polish universities or scientific institutes, and finally to develop a brand of competitive, high-quality Polish products,” said Gowin.

The minister said that instruments for the programme’s implementation will be worked out “in dialogue with entrepreneurs,” adding that a document containing such “concrete instruments” should be ready by the end of April at the latest. Gowin expects the programme to be approved in the third quarter of this year.

Gowin said Poland is “already one of the strongest points on the map of Europe in terms of industrial production.” Polish industry coped very well with the pandemic, “so there is plenty to build on,” said Gowin, who also expressed hope that by 2030 and with the PLN 770 billion support in EU funds, “Poland will become one of the main industrial powers in Europe.”

Source: PAP

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