New geothermal energy plant will transform Koło from coal to clean energy

One of the oldest town’s in Poland is being touted as one of the most modern after giving the go-ahead for its second major geothermal energy investment.

The town of Koło in the centre of the country will see the building of a geothermal well and an associated geothermal energy plant, which will move the town away from its dependence on coal and help to improve the town’s air quality.

The town’s strategy can be seen as part of Poland’s wider efforts to transition away from coal towards more renewable green sources of energy. The government has committed to closing all of its coal mines by 2049 in a deal struck with trade unions last year.

Once the geothermal energy plant is completed, it will constitute 80 percent of the energy used for heating the town and district.

The town’s mayor Dr Krzysztof Witkowski is also planning to use the geothermal water, which is rich in minerals, to expand the town’s public swimming pool with new thermal water pools.

He told a recent press conference: “The construction of the Koło geothermal energy plant is a civilization leap for our town and its inhabitants.”


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