Neutrino Gelologia starts crowdfunding in May, hopes to debut on NewConnect

Neutrino Geology is planning the first stage of crowdinvesting emission for PLN 1.2 million in May to finance the project to construct a modular geo-neutrino detector, the company said. At the same time, it was announced to debut on NewConnect in 2024.

“Neutrino Geology is finalizing the design of a modular geo-neutrino detector. The device, built under the supervision and based on the patents of the world-famous physicist Dr. Andrzej K. Drukier, will allow for the creation of a three-dimensional map of raw material deposits on land and under water. Scientists agree that the success of the research will revolutionize the mining sector, significantly reducing the costs and time of searching for new deposits, 'the release reads.

“The Neutrino Geology technology is groundbreaking - it will complement the methods of exploration for deposits used so far, significantly increasing the probability of exploration success. Being a specific type of crust scanner, it will reduce the number of drillings needed, which will dramatically reduce the time and cost of geological exploration. Although there are currently three geo-neutrino detectors in operation in the world, their huge mass, reaching 1000 tons each, does not allow for active exploration of mineral deposits. The innovativeness of our solution, apart from the non-invasive research process and operation at ambient temperature, is closely correlated with the modular structure of our detector. The target mass not exceeding 1 ton for each of the elements will allow for active, fully mobile search for raw materials in virtually every corner of our planet - said the president, Dr. Eng. Waldemar Maj, quoted in the release.

Neutrino Geology is finalizing the design of a modular geo-neutrino detector.

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