Neuca expects more acquasitions this year

Neuca expects further acquisitions in the area of ​​clinical trials and medical clinics this year, said Grzegorz Dzik, Vice President of Finance.

“We are continuing our path of growth, both organic and through acquisitions, mainly in the patient area. I am thinking especially of two segments in this area: the area of ​​clinical trials and medical clinics. This year, I think we can expect more acquisitions in both areas. As for the scale and specificity of these acquisitions, we will inform you in the next two quarters, ”Dzik said during a press conference.

The vice-president also informed that capital expenditures are expected at the same level as in previous years.

“When it comes to the scale of expenses in the area of ​​clinics, we do not expect it to differ significantly from what it was like in previous years. As for other capital expenditures, I mean replacement expenditures, they will also be similar to what we dealt with in previous years, they will be at a level similar to the annual depreciation "- he explained.

The Neuca Group is a market leader in the wholesale of drugs. The total share of the companies from the Neuca group in the domestic pharmacy wholesale market at the end of 2021 was 31.7%. The Group is also developing a network of medical clinics, is an expert in the clinical trials segment, implements telemedicine projects and invests in health insurance.

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