Netrisk Group, whose investor is MCI, announced a merger with the assets of Bauer Media

The Netrisk Group, in which the MCI Capital fund is an investor, announced a merger with online comparison sites Bauer Media Group in Poland (, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, creating one of the largest European players on the market of online insurance comparison and conclusion, active also in Hungary, Austria and Lithuania, said MCI Capital investment partner Filip Berkowski in a comment for ISBnews.

“The combination of the Netrisk Group with the assets of Bauer Media Group creates a very complementary structure. In addition to expanding the geographic reach, the finalization of the transaction will increase the group’s potential for investment in technology, ensuring better quality for the consumer and for trading partners who, thanks to the expansion of the group, will gain access to a wider market,” Berkowski said in a comment for ISBnews.

“The previous acquisitions of the Netrisk group and the merger agreed with the Bauer Media group with its assets: (Poland), and (Czech Republic) and (Slovakia) are consistent with MCI Capital’s strategy of supporting local leaders in Central and Eastern Europe in international expansion and building their strong regional position,” we read in the commentary.

MCI Capital invested in Netrisk in December 2017, and at the beginning of 2020, the global technology fund TA Associates became the leading investment partner. Over the last few years, thanks to the development of, among others, Through 6 acquisitions, the Netrisk group has transformed from a local player in Hungary into a regional champion, and the merger with the assets of the Bauer group will strengthen its position in six Central European countries with access to 80 million consumers.

In addition to the Netrisk Group, which is one of the fund’s most important assets, MCI Capital’s investment portfolio also includes shares of companies such as eSky, IAI, Gett, and Answear, many of which have also achieved international status. Managing assets worth approximately EUR 600 million, MCI Capital is one of the largest technology investment funds in Central Europe. We are currently actively working on further investments, and in the years 2023-2025 we want to invest PLN 1-2 billion in about 10 new companies.

MCI Capital is one of the largest technology investment funds in Central Europe. The fund invests EUR 25-100 million in digital champions: technology companies, companies undergoing digital transformation and IT infrastructure. The fund was involved in, among others: in (e-commerce, Czech Republic), (digital media, Poland), Invia (e-travel, CEE), Dotpay/eCard (fintech, Poland), iZettle (fintech, global) and ATM SA ( data centers, Europe).


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