Nestmedic has letter of intent with Al-Dawaa Group company to distribute PregnaOne in MENA countries

Nestmedic has entered into a letter of intent (memorandum of understanding) with Premi Medical Devices Manufacturing Sole Proprietorship, an Al-Dawaa Group company, to agree on terms for the sale of PregnaOne System in the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region excluding Israel, and with a particular focus on the assembly and production of PregnaOne devices in Saudi Arabia, the company said. Nestmedic expects to start assembling and distributing the devices no later than January 2024. Sales volumes for 2024 and subsequent years will be determined by the end of this year.

Nestmedic, established in 2014, is a Polish medtech brand whose flagship product is the Pregnabit system for remote KTG testing for pregnant women. Nestmedic debuted on the NewConnect in 2017.


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