Nestmedic has an order for 40 Pregnabit Pro devices from a European distributor

Nestmedic has received an order from ICT Healthcare Technology Solutions BV to purchase 40 Pregnabit Pro devices along with the PregnabitCloud platform, the company said. ICT Healthcare Technology Solutions BV has become the company’s European distributor.
“The order is the first in a series of orders that the issuer and ICT HTS BV intend to fulfill in the future. The order will be processed on 30/06/2022. The commercial terms and conditions under which the contract is performed are confidential, ”we read in the release.

Meeting the conditions for obtaining the certificate and finding a distributor on the European market, such as ICT Healthcare Technology Solutions BV, opens the possibility of selling the company’s products on a large scale, emphasized.

At the beginning of June, Nestmedic announced that the company’s proprietary telemedicine solution, i.e. the remote KTG Pregnabit Pro device and the Pregnabit Cloud platform, received the MDR medical device certificate. As explained, this allows the solution to be distributed in Europe. Nestmedic is the first manufacturer from Poland with such certification and the first in the world to obtain it for mobile CTG.

The company informed about the successful completion of the certification audit of Pregnabit Pro and Pregnabit Cloud for compliance with the requirements of the MDR Regulation at the end of last year. Now this process has been officially completed, and thus Nestmedic has become the first Polish manufacturer to boast a certificate of this type. In Europe, only 12 such documents have been granted so far.

Nestmedic was established in 2014. The company’s team has created an innovative product – a teleKTG system for remote control tests and analyzing the results in the last trimester of pregnancy. Nestmedic debuted on NewConnect in 2017.


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