Norwegian grants of 10 million euro support inland and sea waters innovations

The Polish Agency for Enterprise Development in the period February-March 2022 plans to recruit for the competition “Innovations in the area of ​​inland or sea waters”. Micro, small and medium-sized enterprises will be able to apply for co-financing under the Norwegian Financial Mechanism of up to EUR 2 million. – It is about entrepreneurs operating at the seaside, on lakes and rivers, but not fishermen. We mean activities related to tourism, water purification, caring for environmental protection in the water area – lists Monika Karwat-Bury from PARP. There will be approximately EUR 10 million to be allocated.

“In the coming weeks, we plan to announce a competition under the scheme “Innovations in the area of ​​inland or sea waters”. This is a competition that already had its first edition in 2019, but we received additional funds and decided to announce a new recruitment in this thematic area” – says Monika Karwat-Bury, expert at the Department of Enterprise Innovation Implementation at PARP.

The Norwegian Financial Mechanism is a non-returnable form of foreign aid granted by Norway to new EU member states since 2004. As part of the Norwegian Funds, several programs are implemented (including the largest program in terms of budget, the operator of which is PARP), in which subsidies may be obtained for projects related to, for example, environmental protection, energy efficiency or reducing social inequalities.

The scheme “Innovations in the area of ​​inland or sea waters” is to increase the competitiveness of entrepreneurs by implementing innovative processes, products, services or solutions that will develop the business activity of the company. Projects under this scheme can simultaneously contribute to reducing water and environmental pollution.


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