Tap into 16,000 pln Training grants for your employees.

Applications are being submitted all over Poland under the National Training Fund program. As part of this initiative, the owner of the company may obtain nearly 16,000pln per employee. Only entrepreneurs employing under an employment contract can apply for funding.

Local employment offices are responsible for accepting applications. For the entire year 2021, the Ministry of Labor and Technology Development, which finances the entire program, has prepared a pool of PLN 260 million. Such a pool will be distributed among entrepreneurs interested in training their crew.

The maximum amount of funding from the National Training Fund per person may not exceed 300% of the average remuneration in a given year per participant. This means that the upper limit is currently exactly PLN 15,855. The amount of co-financing is: 80% for small, medium and large companies and 100% for micro-enterprises.

Business owners interested in this form of support submit applications to the local labor office competent for the location of their business. There is no national schedule of recruitment, so to check the dates, please contact the employment office or follow the information on the office’s website.


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