NCBR supports 10 startups to accelerate in Nevada in USA

The National Center for Research and Development (NCBR) has selected 10 startups to participate in the acceleration program in the state of Nevada in the US, NCBR reported. The last weeks have been an intense time on the program. The NCBR-NAP acceleration activity is to enable the commencement of long-term cooperation between companies and institutions from Poland and Nevada in various areas of innovation, such as, for example, medicine, education, and innovative agriculture. This is to contribute to the commercialization of the offered technological solutions and to support cooperative forms of research and development activity.

The last two months have been a key stage in the NCBR-NAP program, immediately preceding the selection of the winning startups. In mid-February, Bootcamp Warsaw took place in Warsaw, which was a time of intensive workshops, group work, expert consultations and discussions for startups. During 4 days of meetings with experts from Poland and the USA, the companies also got to know the offer and specificity of the state of Nevada. This dose of knowledge was used by startups to prepare their speeches during Demo Day, which took place on February 24 this year. Each entity had a few minutes for the 'elevator pitch' presentation, that is, in a concise but convincing formula.

“NCBR-Nevada Acceleration Program is the first project of this type implemented on the basis of a memorandum of cooperation between Poland and the state of Nevada. It is also the only acceleration program between the Republic of Poland and the USA, which is addressed to companies from all over Poland. The special value of this project is the carefully selected mentoring support for Polish companies, which is to help them successfully enter the American market and, together with the National Center for Research and Development, also global "- said the director of international trade at the Nevada Governor's Office for Economic Development Paweł Pietrasieński.

The pilot edition of the NCBR-NAP program was launched by the Center in 2020. The aim of the program is to connect the innovative ecosystems of Poland and the State of Nevada through the acceleration of young technology companies registered in Poland on the American market, selected in a competitive procedure, using the experience of mentors from the State of Nevada and related institutions.

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