NCBR allocates 31 million pln to Aptiv’s NextGen vehicles research

National Centre for Research and Development Grant Accelerates Aptiv’s Development
of Advanced Technologies for Next Generation Hybrid and Electric Vehicles
Aptiv, a global technology company enabling the future of mobility, provided an update on the
innovation it is developing as part of The National Centre for Research and Development’s Smart
Growth Operational Programme.

With a total budget of nearly PLN 31 million, the project titled “Development Of Cyber-Secure
Connectivity System For Electrical/Electronic Architecture Of Next Generation Hybrid And Electric
Vehicles” is being led by Aptiv’s research and development team in its Krakow Technical Center. To
date, the project has received more than PLN 14 million of funding.
The first-out-of-four stages of the project – industrial research – has been completed and the company
has made significant progress in developing an intelligent body control module with a secure gateway,
a vehicle-to-grid gateway, and a keyless vehicle access system. These advanced technologies are
designed to increase the security and power efficiency of electric vehicles. Early results have
demonstrated that the modules can provide significant energy savings, save energy by 50% and
vehicle power consumption by approximately 10%, bringing very tangible benefits for customers.
“Thanks to the National Center for Research and Development’s grant, we are accelerating our
development of innovative technologies that securely connect next-generation hybrid and electric
vehicles to the grid, furthering our mission of making mobility safer, greener and more connected,” said
Grzegorz Gutmajer, regional engineering director, Aptiv.
More than 3,000 people work at Aptiv’s Tech Center in Krakow, including 2,000 highly-skilled
engineers, scientists and technicians. Established in 2000, the Krakow Tech Center is one of Aptiv’s
largest R&D facilities in the world and focuses on developing, testing and validating advanced
electronics and active safety technologies, as well as next generation infotainment and user experience
Headquartered in Dublin, Ireland with operations in 44 countries, Aptiv’s more than 180,000 employees
are taking on some of society’s most difficult challenges with advanced technologies that reduce or
eliminate emissions, save lives, and improve the way the world moves.
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About Aptiv
Aptiv is a global technology company that develops safer, greener and more connected solutions
enabling a more sustainable future of mobility.

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