“Natural branding” comes to organic food sector

Natural branding is being used more and more in the organic sector. Primarliy used for ecological reasons, it is now also being used for economic reasons in the conventional sector. Fruits and vegetables are marked with a laser, allowing for distinctiveness as well as traceability. Previously, organic fruits were marked with a natural light label to replace unnecessary plastic packaging and stickers.

Since this year, an EcoMark NB 6003 Professional has been in operation in Poland at the ZELSAD company. The family business of the Zelek family produces apples the conventional way. ZELSAD thus achieved a double first: they are the first growers to use Natural Branding technology on a large scale for conventional apples and to rely on this sustainable method.

The labeling of apples has always been considered one of the most difficult, the supreme discipline. The challenge was to achieve good visibility of the labeling without additives and without reducing the shelf life. After extensive testing, we succeeded in finding a solution for labeling the “Golden” and “Red Jonaprince” apple varieties in Poland for the international market.

“We want to reduce the use of plastic stickers. Especially for ecological reasons, but also for economic reasons, we decided to use Natural Branding,” says Michal Zelek, Managing Director of ZELSAD.

Through Natural Branding, an economical, cost-effective and sustainable marking solution could be achieved with the help of progressive developments and innovations in the laser and automation process.


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