Nationalization of private companies using the “OFE” method. Shares worth PLN 60 billion may go into state hands

As a result of the dismantling of the OFE, at least a few large private companies may be nationalized. We checked which companies are most at risk.

As an extreme example, the FOR expert gives such companies as: Ferro (one of the largest producers of sanitary and installation fittings in Central and Eastern Europe), Develia (a developer, formerly controlled by a businessman Leszek Czarnecki) or Grupa Kęty (aluminum processing).

Open pension funds in all three of the above-mentioned companies currently have 71-75 percent. share. And there are many more listed companies in which OFEs have a lot of shares. has carefully analyzed the ownership structure of nearly one hundred companies in which pension funds have significant blocks of shares, and it turns out that in four other companies (Kruk, Sanok Rubber Company, Intercars and, pension funds have a total of over 50 percent. shares.

For example, Comarch may await more serious ownership changes. The IT company is mainly associated with President Janusz Filipiak, who has less than 25 percent share. For this, the combined forces of OFE give as much as 46 percent shares in the company.

40 percent threshold OFE also exceed, among others in the Forte Furniture Factory and Agora. Publisher incl. Gazeta Wyborcza could be a tasty morsel for the government.

OFEs also have over one third of shares in Amica and VRG (formerly Vistula), whose president is Andrzej Jaworski (including a former PiS MP).


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