National Research Centre boosts home wind energy with 1 million pln prize

The National Centre for Research and Development in Poland (NCBR) is organising a competition to build a wind power installation with energy storage for home use. The prize for this innovative device is worth 1 million PLN and will go to anyone who can develop technological solutions using low-speed wind to produce, store and release energy in the most effective way. The device also has to be compact and quiet, and for individual and home application only.

Aiming to revolutionise the wind energy market, NCBR strives to prove the potential of kinetic energy that each of us can use to balance our household budget, but the real goal is to reduce smog and greenhouse gas emissions in Poland and increase the use of renewable energy sources in domestic energy consumption.

The competition Grand Challenge: Energy is open to everyone – the concept behind grand research challenges is to engage the widest group of innovators possible, as Dr. Wojciech Kamieniecki, the director of the NCBR said: ‘We focus on the attractive formula of an open competition. The conditions for participation are designed to allow everyone to send their applications, as long as they have a great idea and the right potential. Those interested in our initiative include scientists from universities and research institutes, research and development centres, entrepreneurs, engineering teams as well as innovation enthusiasts, students from science clubs or garage inventors’.

84 out of 180 teams entered the next stage. The competition continues and will end on August 14, 2021 in Warsaw. Live from the tribunes of PGE National Stadium, the final will be announced to the public. The top 10 constructor teams will battle it out during the final stage of the competition where the jury will assess whether the prototypes work and how much energy they generate.


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