NanoVelos and University form consortium to develop RNA nano-carrier

NanoVelos and the University of Adam Mickiewicz in Poznań will form a consortium and undertake scientific cooperation aimed at joint implementation of the project consisting in the development of RNA nano-carrier nucleic acid (mRNA, siRNA) and therapies based on such a technological solution, the company said.

NanoVelos has the knowledge, experience and infrastructure necessary to develop nano-carriers for active pharmaceutical substances, proteins and nucleic acids, and the Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology of the Adam Mickiewicz University, apart from knowledge and experience, brings to cooperation the infrastructure for cell research with the use of RNA, it is stated.

“Gene therapies are a new and promising method of treating diseases, especially diseases with a genetic background, moreover, mRNA enclosed in a suitable carrier can be used as a carrier of information about the structure of an antigen, for use in the development of vaccines. On its own, RNA is unable to penetrate inside the cells, where it can act, i.e. be converted into a protein or block expression. A special carrier is needed for it, which at the same time will protect the delicate RNA molecule and transport it inside the cell “- said prof. Tomasz Ciach.


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