NanoGroup’s strategy assumes i.a. 5 projects in the portfolio by the end of 2025

The Supervisory Board of NanoGroup approved the Company’s Development Strategy for 2023-2025, the key objectives of which include, among others: bringing at least one project into partnership by the end of 2024 and having at least 5 projects in the portfolio by the end of the next year, the company announced. Financing the company’s operation in the coming years assumes a combination of obtaining funds from commercialization, public research grants and subsequent share issues, with their price increasing.

“Key strategic goals:
– By the end of 2024, at least 1 project has been brought into partnership;
– By the end of 2025, having at least 5 projects in the portfolio;
– From 2026, partnership for at least one project per year;
– Starting from 2025, work on combining new substances, not yet registered as drugs, with polysaccharide nanoparticles, with the potential to be used in rare diseases, such as nucleic acids (in particular mRNA) will begin, the Strategy reads.


In the “Summary of planned project activities”, the company announced that it plans to implement the following project activities in the period 2023-2025:
– Implementation of the NanoX 4K System project, including the conclusion of a commercialization agreement
– Development of the Blood Substitute project to the stage of starting preclinical trials
– Completion of development works of the current stage of the PolEpi project and commencement of the process of finding a partner for further development with the prospect of commercialization
– Development of 3 new projects within the Nanovelos Platform
– Construction of an advanced research and development laboratory, listed.

NanoGroup is a commercial research organization created as a result of joining a team of professionals in the field of biotechnology, medicine and business. The company was established in 2016 in order to consolidate special purpose vehicles implementing projects focused around nanotechnology into one capital group. In 2017, the company debuted on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.


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