NABE will become operational at the end of March 2023

The National Energy Security Agency (NABE) will become operational at the end of March next year, announced Wojciech Dąbrowski, the president of the Polish Energy Group (PGE).

“The National Energy Security Agency is a company that will start operating at the end of March next year. This is a process […] groundbreaking for the Polish energy sector, it will consist in separating coal assets to this agency,” Dąbrowski said in Jedynka radio station.

At the beginning of March this year The Council of Ministers adopted a resolution on the adoption of the document "Transformation of the power sector in Poland. Separation of coal generation assets from companies with State Treasury shareholding”. The document provides for the completion of the entire process and the creation of the National Energy Security Agency (NABE) in the fourth quarter of 2022.

Assets related to the generation of electricity in conventional coal-fired units are to be separated from capital groups of energy companies with the State Treasury's share. After separating coal assets, energy concerns are to focus on implementing low- and zero-emission investments. The owner of the coal assets is to be NABE, operating in the form of a company with 100% of shares. participation of the State Treasury.

At the end of October Business Insider Polska reported that the NABE project was stuck at the stage of coal asset valuation, as the coal assets commissioned as part of the valuation process are to differ significantly from the expectations of energy companies. Therefore, according to the portal, the delay may be several months, at least until the end of Q1 2023.

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