MyInvests investment platform sponsor official start in Q1 2023

MyInvests - an investment platform that will select investments like a venture capital fund, but also enable small investors to participate in the project - will officially launch in the first quarter of 2023, the company announced. The platform's website has been launched.

“The platform will present information on public offerings of shares in companies at the scaleup and pre-IPO stage, as well as secured bonds. For companies, it will also be a place for automated investor relations, while investors will receive an internal Notice Board, where they will be able to sell/buy back shares or bonds among themselves.

“We work for investors, not issuers, although it is not investors who bear the costs of investing with us. Despite the functioning of many crowdfunding platforms, I notice that an increasing number of people are not only interested in supporting an idea or product, but in the real return on investment. It is for those people who are looking for investments with a chance for real profit, but cannot or do not want to invest blindly, the MyInvests platform was created,” said Artur Granicki, CEO of MyInvest, quoted in the release.

The company announces that it will soon announce the first issuers on its website. The official start of the investment platform is the first quarter of 2023, i.e. when the license to operate the crowdfunding platform is obtained.

Ultimately, MyInvests crowdfunding services will be provided via a website and a proprietary mobile application, the company announced.

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