Musketeers Group to invest PLN 100 million in Poland in 2018

The Musketeers Group is planning to invest over PLN 100 million in Poland this year compared to the PLN 60 million it invested last year, the company said.

“The constant development of the Musketeer Group in Poland is supported by investments – last year they amounted to over PLN 60 million, and this year they are to exceed PLN 100 million,” the company press release read.

The Musketeers Group is an association of over 300 independent Polish entrepreneurs managing Intermarché grocery supermarkets and Bricomarché home and garden supermarkets. The sales network of the Musketeers Group consists of 380 Intermarché and Bricomarché stores. Musketeers are present in four European countries: Poland, France, Belgium and Portugal.



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