MTUAero Engines Polska expands in Poland’s Aviation Valley

MTU Aero Engines, Germany’s leading engine manufactur-er, is once again adding new production and assembly capacities at its facility in Rzeszów, Poland. Plans are for MTU Aero Engine Polska’s existing floor space to be enlarged by another 11,400 square meters, with groundbreaking for the construction planned in September 2018. The number of employees will increase from nearly 800 today to over 1,000 by 2020, which is tantamount to a 25-percent rise in headcount. The new jobs being created in this region are primarily for activities related to new technologies. The tremendous advancements in the field of additive manufacturing technologies and the steep increase in production rates within the whole MTU Group are behind this move. For instance, production volumes of components for the latest geared turbofan engines will increase significantly as well as the activities for assembly and production of components and modules for latest widebody propulsion systems power-ing the 787 Dreamliner and the 777X. The MTU Group’s investment in the site so far amounts to 100 million euro, and it is the plan to invest an additional 80 million euro in the next 5 years (2018-2022). According to plans, the new parts of the facility will be up and running no later than the end of 2019.

Of a total of 11,400 square meters of added floor space, 7,500 square meters will be dedicated to production and 3,900 square meters will be used to provide the additional space required to support production. After the expansion, the facility will have an area of 38,500 square meters overall. The space in the newly built part of the facility will, first and foremost, house activities in connection with new technologies, like, for example, additive manufacturing, plus activities needed to cope with the increased volumes associated with the production ramp-up now under way. Just like the new blisk production shop in Munich and the logistics center in Hannover, the building expansion is part of MTU’s investment and growth strategy for the ramp-up.

“The decision to expand MTU Aero Engines Polska for the second time within a mere three years clearly goes to show that our company is on a dynamic growth path. We have built expertise and high-level knowledge, which are absolutely essential capabilities in the very demanding aviation industry. We are proud to add additive manufacturing technologies to our facility’s portfolio. In our highly developed, quality-driven infrastructure, we can use these capabilities both for our projects and for recruiting new employees,” is how Krzysztof Zuzak, Managing Di-rector of MTU Aero Engines Polska, summarizes the significance the extension has for the company. The building project will create attractive and modern jobs in advanced production technologies within the aviation industry. By 2020, the headcount is expected to stand at over 1,000.


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