MPK Wrocław has announced tenders for 11 electric buses and charging stations

MPK Wrocław has announced tenders for 11 electric articulated buses and their chargers, the carrier said. MPK will use electric buses to service the K line.

“We buy electric buses for Wrocław residents and Wrocław citizens, but we are also thinking about purchasing hydrogen buses. We are changing the face of Wrocław rolling stock with great determination. We have brought, among others our bus fleet is one of the youngest in the country. When it comes to electric vehicles, we also buy trams. 46 units are just being built, for another – even 40 units – the tender is underway, ”said Krzysztof Balawejder, president, quoted in the press release.

In addition to the vehicles themselves, the tender also includes the installation of a charging system. The selected supplier will have to arrange the loop at ul. Kamieński, a quick charging station with a power of 400 kW. The system of both fast and slow charging is to be built in the bus depot at ul. Obornicka.


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