Movie Games VR has a framework agreement that gives access to augmented reality

Movie Games VR, Movie Games Mobile and Augmented Robotics GmbH have signed a framework agreement on the basis of which Movie Games VR and Movie Games Mobile have gained access to the technology offered by Augmented Robotics. As a result, the companies will start producing mobile games using augmented reality technology, reported Movie Games VR.

"The concluded agreement is a framework agreement that defines the general terms of cooperation in the implementation of joint projects, in particular the principles of sharing the profits obtained from the sale of games created as part of the cooperation, and individual projects will be implemented on the basis of specific specification and implementation agreements for the above-mentioned. contracts "- we read in the press release.

Movie Games VR was established in August 2021 as a result of the transformation of the nature of operating activities from consulting on the capital market to the production and publishing of computer games to virtual reality platforms. Previously, the company operated under the name of IPO Doradztwo Kapitałowe.

Movie Games is a Polish company founded in 2016 by Aleksy Uchański and Mateusz Wcześniak. The company's capital group includes: Road Studio, True Games, Goat Gamez and Movie Games Mobile. The company debuted on NewConnect in December 2018.

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