Movie Games has an investment agreement to purchase 32.77% of Detalion Games shares from PlayWay

Movie Games has entered into an investment agreement to purchase 655,400 shares (ie 32.77% of the capital) of Detalion Games from PlayWay, Movie Games reported. The share sale agreement will be concluded within 60 days from the date of the investment agreement. In this way, PlayWay will sell its entire stake in Detalion Games. “Moreover, under the investment agreement,

Movie Games undertook to cooperate with Detalion Games by ordering it, on an exclusive basis, to create computer game ports from the portfolio of companies from the Movie Games capital group,” we read in the release. The agreement on establishing the basic terms of cooperation for the purchase of 655,400 shares of Detalion Games, owned by PlayWay, by Movie Games was concluded in January 2022.

As announced then, Detalion Games is to become a porting house for the capital group. Movie Games is a Polish company founded in 2016 by Aleksy Uchański and Mateusz Wcześniak. The company’s capital group includes: Road Studio, True Games, Goat Gamez and Movie Games Mobile. The company debuted on NewConnect in December 2018.


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