Morele want to grow much faster than the entire e-commerce market in Poland

Morele – the owner of the hybrid purchasing platform – assumes that it will grow much faster than the entire e-commerce market and aims at increases above 30% y / y, the company said. “We believe that there is room for such a platform on the e-commerce market in our country. According to analysts’ forecasts, e-commerce in Poland in 2021 will increase by approximately 15% and will remain at the level of approximately 12% for the next five years. However, we are aiming for increases above 30% y / y, ”said CEO Michał Pawlik, quoted in the press release.

According to him, a series of market research shows that the vast majority of customers would be interested in purchasing the new multicategory platform.

“Secondly, such a service must be convenient and simple. Our goal is to create a platform that will combine the advantages of a marketplace and a specialist store. A wide offer, competitive prices, high-quality product content, specialist advice and the convenience of returns and complaints – these are the pillars that build a sense of simple and convenient shopping, which is why we focus on these values ​​when building our product and offer, ”added Pawlik.

In 2020, the company’s EBITDA amounted to over PLN 50 million, which means an increase by 400% y / y. In the current fiscal year, the platform records about 40 percent. increase of GMV (gross merchandise volume) compared to 2020, while maintaining high profitability. The key factor behind the growth is the change in the company’s business model. In 2019, the company recorded GMV of PLN 1.23 billion and EBITDA of PLN 10 million, it was also announced.

The Morele platform has been operating for over 15 years. Currently, it is one of the leading commercial websites in the consumer electronics category, which allowed to generate 1.5% share in the entire e-commerce market.


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