More than half of the companies want to hire a specialist from Ukraine for more than a year

More than half of the companies - 56% - want to hire a specialist from Ukraine for more than a year, mainly in the following industries: IT, construction, transport and logistics, which show staff shortages, including a lack of specialists and managers, according to the Antal study.

“The potential that employees from Ukraine can bring with them in the long term is appreciated primarily by sectors that have been facing staff shortages for a long time, including shortages of specialists and managers. They include, among others IT, construction, transport and logistics. We observe great readiness among employers to hire Ukrainian specialized employees for a longer period and to offer them stable employment contracts. And also readiness to support in the field of language learning, integration with the company and finding oneself in a new and difficult situation. For now, it is difficult to estimate how many refugees will join our labor market, because we must remember that we are dealing with humanitarian migration, not economic migration, but we can see that the employees are motivated. Among them, there are many valuable specialists who are worth taking special care of and keeping them on the Polish market, ”said Antal Artur Skiba, president, quoted in the release.

Regarding the assessment that the knowledge of languages, the assessment is more important for employers than experience in the industry, which is required by 58% of the company.

"42% and 39% of employers, respectively, expect specialized education and highly motivated to work" - summarized.

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