Eurowagon freight rental teams up with Nexxiot

Eurowagon, the largest freight wagon rental company in Poland, and Nexxiot, a pioneer in the digitization of the logistics industry and a leading global provider of cargo IoT solutions, are expanding their cooperation. This time, safety in combined transport is the focus of the cooperation. The entire fleet of pocket wagons from Eurowagon is to be equipped with the kingpin monitor developed by Nexxiot, which is unique in the market. This set of sensors digitally monitors the correct loading of semi-trailers onto pocket wagons. The use of this unique technology sets new safety standards and increases the degree of automation in Eurowagon’s logistical processes. In addition, the company can offer its customers new security-oriented, digital products and services.

Safety plays a central role in rail traffic, because passengers and goods should arrive safely at their destination. Safety has top priority, especially in combined transport (CT), i.e. the transport of truck semitrailers by rail. The kingpin sensor from Nexxiot sets a new digital security standard in KV. This innovation comes at a time when CT is playing a central role in shaping a sustainable transport turnaround and relieving the road infrastructure.

Marek Gołębiewski, Technical Director at Eurowagon: “For us, digitization is not an abstract vision of the future. We are convinced that the use of the latest technologies gives us a competitive advantage and that we can offer our customers data-based services that they cannot get anywhere else. “He adds:” With the use of the latest IoT sensors, such as the Kingpin -Monitor from Nexxiot, we show our customers that value creation is very important to us. We do not hesitate to introduce new digital solutions when we are convinced of their usefulness. With the latest development from Nexxiot, we can on the one hand accelerate charging processes and on the other hand make this process much more secure. “


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