Monnari retailer cautiously expanding

Monnari Trade sees risks in the market that may affect future results, although a lot will also depend on administrative decisions related to the further development of the pandemic in the country, according to the words of the president Mirosław Misztal. The company is still feeling the effects of the hacker attack that took place at the end of August 2021.

“Inflation levels have not yet affected exchange rates, but may affect them. So there are some exchange rate risks and this could have an impact on future results. On top of that, there are transport conditions, which in our case have increased by 700% during the year, ”said Misztal during the videoconference.

According to him, currently the prices of clothes on the market are still in a downward trend, as many companies are selling their stocks.

“I think that the new production will assume higher cotton prices and higher transport costs, then clothing prices may increase” – added the president.

“Gross margin in the first half of amounted to 53.3% compared to 54% last year. Considering the situation, in our opinion it is not the worst result, ”added financial director Miłosz Kolbuszewski. Kolbuszewski pointed out that despite the poor situation in the first half of the year, the company managed to increase the number of stores.

“We are opening new stores, despite the market situation and despite a dozen or so closings at the beginning of the year, we are recording a net increase. We are dynamically developing our franchise network and currently we have 13 such stores, ”added the director.


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