Monnari Trade expects to open 2 more stores by the end of the year

Monnari Trade plans to open 2 more new Monnari stores by the end of the year and will continue to expand the network of franchise stores, company representatives said.
“We hope to open two more Monnari stores by the end of the year. What will happen next year – we will see to what extent the situation on the market will allow us, ”said President Mirosław Misztal during the videoconference.

At the end of Q3, the Monnari chain of stores totaled 164 stores, and the Femestage brand chain – 31.

“At the moment, there are 166 Monnari stores and no changes when it comes to the Femestage brand. In the case of Monnari franchise stores, at the end of September 30, there were 12 and now there are 14, ”said financial director Miłosz Kolbuszewski.

The president informed that talks with interested parties concerning the opening of franchise stores are ongoing.


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