Moliera2 has a letter of intent regarding a joint venture with a founder of the OTCF company

Moliera2 signed with Igor Klaja - the founder of the OTCF, owner of, among others 4F and Outhorn brands - a letter of intent in which the parties stated that they intend to jointly implement a business venture consisting in building a leader among enterprises operating in Central and Eastern Europe in the segment of online and stationary sales of luxury brands, the company said.

“By signing the letter of intent, the parties declared their willingness to start negotiations aimed at establishing the terms and conditions of cooperation in the implementation of the project. The Issuer will inform with another ESPI announcement about the stages of joint activities, in particular about the conclusion of an agreement that will define the parameters of the partner's investment, including the amount of capital commitment and the type of cooperation between the parties, ”the announcement reads.

Igor Klaja is the founder of OTCF - a Polish clothing company specializing in the creation, production and sale of sports clothing and accessories for consumers as well as professional sports. Its portfolio includes sports brands such as 4F and Outhorn. The company has a sales network of 200 retail stores and 161 partner stands in Poland, as well as a total of a dozen in Lithuania, Latvia, Slovakia, Romania and the Czech Republic.

On April 1, 2022, the companies that previously formed the Modern Commerce Group (Modern Commerce, IT Fashion Polska & Partners, Złote Wyprzedaż and Mamissima) merged under the common name of Moliera2. The main area of ​​operations of Moliera 2 - a company listed on the NewConnect market - was the activity carried out before the merger by IT Fashion Polska Group & Partners, dealing in the omnichannel sale of luxury goods under the Moliera2 brand.

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