Molecure may sign 2-3 partnership agreements by 2025

Molecure assumes that by the end of the strategy update period, i.e. until 2025, it may sign 2-3 partnering agreements, CEO Marcin Szumowski informed. They could relate to one of the two molecules OATD-01 or OATD-02 and one or two other programs.

“By 2025, we assume that we can realistically sign 2-3 contracts that will generate revenues for the company: one clinical compound (if we were to talk about probability, OATD-01 is more likely today than OATD-02, but may change) and one to two projects from the earlier pipeline, i.e. mRNA and proteins that show very good in vivo results, such as the aforementioned USP7″ – said Szumowski during the press conference.

In the update of the strategy for 2023-2025, the company announced that the expected source of potential revenue generation is an agreement with a partner consisting in granting an exclusive license in selected indications and areas for further development and commercial sale of a drug candidate along with a group of derivative compounds protected by international patents .

The company emphasized that it has a balanced pipeline of seven active projects, successively fed with new programs, which is the foundation for the functioning and development of the company and in the future it will potentially bring measurable benefits to stakeholders.

With two compounds actively being developed in clinical trials, the company will seek to accelerate partnering of early programs in its pipeline. In research on new projects, the R&D team puts great emphasis on early and convincing validation of the biological target, the best understanding of the mechanism of action of the developed molecule and on the rapid validation of its effectiveness in in vivo animal models. Such an approach should enable monetization of selected programs at an earlier stage of development. In the event of commercialization of one of the clinical programs on attractive financial terms, the company would like to continue, with available funding, the development of the second clinical program at least to the stage of clinical proof-of-concept (PoC), we read in the update strategy.

Molecure (formerly OncoArendi Therapeutics) is a biotechnology company specializing in the search, development and commercialization of new drugs used in the treatment of respiratory diseases and cancer. The company has been listed on the main market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange since April 2018.


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