Molecule has established cooperation with the American Chemical Society has partnered with the American Chemical Society (CAS) to implement artificial intelligence (AI) solutions that will speed up the process of bringing new drugs to market, the company said.

“, a leader in innovative tech-bio solutions based on artificial intelligence (AI), announced a strategic partnership with the American Society of Chemical (CAS). As part of the cooperation, will use its solutions based on generative artificial intelligence to design much more efficient chemical synthesis routes. This is a breakthrough in the industry, which will shorten the time it takes to develop new drugs.

The process of producing new molecules is years of intensive work by experts, resources used, trials and research, as well as gigantic financial outlays. For scientists dedicating decades to developing new therapies, optimizing time early in the development process represents a quantum leap in the pace of modern pharmaceutical development, it was underlined.

“Generative AI has an amazing track record in those areas where it has been possible to train AI models on large data sets. The time has come to use its potential in the area of drug discovery. We are extremely proud that, as a Polish company, has participated in the launch of the first generative model for chemistry, based on the largest CAS databases in the industry. The effects of this cooperation will be visible in the coming months and years,” commented co-founder and CEO Piotr Byrski, quoted in the material.

As part of the cooperation, the team will combine the results of their work in developing generative models with the first commercially available tool for assessing synthetic accessibility, i.e. M1 RetroScore powered by CAS. To predict the synthesis probabilities of new molecules, M1 uses machine learning models trained in best-in-class chemical reactions. As a result, it provides an accurate assessment of the availability of newly discovered chemical compounds along with the corresponding potential best synthetic pathways for given purposes. is a Polish tech-bio company that develops solutions for chemical synthesis planning with the use of artificial intelligence to support the early stages of the drug discovery process.


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