Polish industry finds strong demand from Polish military

Helmets, shields and bulletproof vests are the most common pieces of equipment used by the Police, the army and the Border Guard, which has come to the fore in recent weeks. Such protection measures, however, do not resemble the heavy, uncomfortable equipment from the 1990s. Representatives of the services now wear vests and helmets developed on the basis of modern technologies, which even repel the latest generation of missiles. Importantly, most of them were developed by Polish industry.

“At the moment, officers of the Police, Border Guard and the State Protection Service already have such protection equipment as their counterparts in the United States or in Western European countries. There are two or three key companies on the Polish market that produce such personal guards for security and defense. These companies use their own technological experience, their own innovations” – says Dr. hab. Eng. Marcin Struszczyk, director of the MORATEX Institute of Security Technologies.

The Lodz Institute of Security Technology specializes in personal ballistic protection, i.e. shields, helmets and bulletproof vests. It creates technologies to protect the health and life of soldiers, policemen, firefighters, officers of other services and rescuers, exposed in their work, among others. to bullets, shrapnel, harmful chemical or biological agents.

The Institute has over 100 patents and many awards won during international innovation fairs. They are now conducting research work, among others on the technologies of composite ballistic inserts that successfully win the race against the latest generation of small-shoots. Together with the Lubawa company, he is working on the construction of EOD NG engineers’ suits for better protection against a blast wave in the event of a pyrotechnic explosion.


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