Krakow’s Vasco Translator huge hit in Japan and at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

The electronic translator is the device most often used by tourists, especially when traveling to exotic countries where the knowledge of the English language is not common, says Maciej Góralski, founder and owner of Vasco Electronics.

Such solutions, supporting several dozen languages, are also used by medical and uniform services or offices that provide services to foreigners. Vasco Translator M3, presented at the currently held in Barcelona prestigious electronics trade fair, also offers translations of telephone calls and conferences up to 100 people, which is why it is eagerly used by entrepreneurs.

The Krakow company is one of the leading manufacturers of such devices. In April this year, it hit the market in Japan and plans further expansion abroad.
Vasco translators support over 70 languages, which allows you to communicate with 90% of people. people all over the world. They ensure translation accuracy at the level of 96%. and a number of additional functions, such as the possibility of translating conferences or telephone conversations with foreigners simultaneously in two languages.

In April this year, the Polish voice translator Vasco Translator M3 hit the market in Japan by storm, acquiring nearly 26 million yen (i.e. over PLN 1 million) on the local Makuake crowdfunding platform. The assumed sales target was exceeded by over 12,000 percent The Krakow-based company now intends to develop a strong position on the Japanese market, which is famous for being very demanding for electronics manufacturers.


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