ML System wants to increase sales and margin in 2022.

he technology company ML System wants to increase sales this year and improve the margin. It assumes that in the next two years the capital expenditure will amount to approx. PLN 180 million, President Dawid Cycoń told PAP Biznes.

"January was very good and we can already see from the number of orders that the first quarter will be favorable for the company in terms of sales. Our goal for this year is to increase sales and improve margins," Cycoń CEO told PAP Biznes.

After three quarters of 2021, ML System generated PLN 121.4 million in revenues (an increase by 37.2% y-o-y), PLN 15.9 million EBITDA compared to PLN 17.6 million a year earlier and PLN 1.4 million of net profit compared to PLN 9 million PLN a year earlier. The company will publish its annual results on March 23.

ML System is a technology company specializing in creating, designing and producing systems based on photovoltaic cells (PV) technology, including those integrated with buildings (BIPV), used to generate electricity from sunlight.

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