Minutor Energia has an agreement with Max Energy, it will increase sales by 60 traders

Minutor Energia has signed an agreement with Max Energy - a broker from the energy industry, the company announced. The contract with a new partner in the PV area will provide the company with the support of 60 traders operating throughout the country, with particular emphasis on north-eastern Poland.

“We have been looking for a supplier of comprehensive solutions in the field of photovoltaics and energy storage for a long time. Thanks to cooperation with Minutor Energia, we are able to provide our customers with Polish energy storage facilities at an attractive price. Our clients appreciate our comprehensive approach to energy management in their companies,” said Max Energy CEO Konrad Abramowicz, quoted in the release.

This week, the government announced the next edition of the "My Electricity" program, which will start on December 15. The new version of the program will put more emphasis on energy storage. The maximum support for PV installations will be 6,000. PLN, and in the case of energy storage, the co-financing may amount to even PLN 15,000. zloty.

“The conclusion of the contract with Max Energy coincides with the announcement of an increase in the scope of funding under the 'My Electricity' programme. This opens up new opportunities for cooperation. Energy storage is the future of the market, many countries are not able to keep up with the replacement of obsolete transmission or distribution networks. Increasing self-consumption from photovoltaics is a solution to this situation, which we can see, for example, in the new 'My Electricity' program and larger subsidies for warehouses,” said Minutor Energia CEO Zbisław Lasek.

Minutor Energia operates on the broadly understood RES market, currently focusing on business clients, and is involved in cluster and farm projects, as well as energy storage projects. The company has been on the Polish market since 2019, and in 2021 it became a joint-stock company listed on NewConnect. Minutor Energia actively promotes and supports energy balancing with the support of Energy Clusters, e.g. as a leader and coordinator of the Zielone Mysłowice cluster. The company is a member of the first consortium on the market optimizing energy consumption by entrepreneurs.

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