Minimum global tax and taxation of digital giants. That’s what 130 countries want

130 countries, including Poland, issued a joint statement on Thursday about their willingness to work out new rules for international taxation, including taxation of the so-called digital giants and the introduction of a minimum global tax – informed the Ministry of Finance.

“The agreement is a great success and important news for companies operating in Poland. On the one hand, we have jointly developed rules of global taxation, on the other, a mechanism that guarantees the possibility of tax reliefs, which in practice is very good news for everyone who wants to invest in Poland” – emphasized Minister of Finance, Funds and Regional Policy Tadeusz Kościński after the publication of the statement.

In the opinion of the Ministry of Finance, the agreement of 1 July lays the foundation for further talks and work on the reform of international taxation and is an “excellent starting point” for further international negotiations.

As the ministry informed, work on the draft is expected to last until October, and Poland will participate in it as an active negotiator at the OECD forum. “We are optimistic about the next stage of negotiations” – noted Deputy Minister Sarnowski.


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