Mini-nuclear plants coming to Poland: “Nuclear power could bridge the energy transition gap”

In Poland, two companies, copper producer KGHM and polystyrene foam producer Synthos, are going to work with small modular SMR nuclear reactors. So far, more than 70 companies around the world are involved in unique SMR projects. Hence the popularity of “small-scale nuclear power” seems to be increasing. Still, not everyone wants to jump on the train.

The CEO of KGHM has warned that finding cheap energy sources for Polish business is a “matter of national importance”. That’s why the copper producer plans to build four small modular reactors.

CEO Marcin Chludzinski says the nuclear reactors will make KGHM, Poland’s second largest consumer of electricity, self-sufficient in energy production. They also have to protect the company from fluctuating energy prices.

The American conglomerate NuScale is going to manufacture the SMR. The first will come in 2029.


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