Mindgram obtained EUR 7 million from a closed seed round

Mindgram announced the closure of the seed round, during which the company obtained nearly EUR 7 million, the announcement said.

“In total, Mindgram has already acquired nearly PLN 40 million. The further development of the company on the global market and the implementation of the Data-Driven Care strategy will be supported by an international team of experts from Nunatak Capital, ”the information reads.

“This record investment for us is the result of dynamic growth in the last year. The potential for further, rapid development of Mindgram is determined, among others, by limited access to health care caused by the pandemic and fear of war and a possible economic crisis. In Poland, we have only 9 psychiatrists per 100,000. residents. This is the second worst result in Europe. At the same time, Mindgram is already the most frequently chosen platform by companies, which reaches more users than any other mental health platform, ”said Jakub Zieliński, co-founder and CEO of Mindgram, quoted in the release.

Mindgram was founded in February 2021 by the psychologist Małgorzata Ohme, Jakub Zieliński and Adam Plona. It is a modern online platform supporting the mental health of employees.

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