Milisystem has obtained a certificate enabling the sale of the shooting trainer to local governments

Milisystem sp. z o.o. – a subsidiary of Milisystem S.A. (61% of shares) received a certificate of compliance of the “Wisła” SP shooting trainer with the requirements of the “Shooting range in the poviat 2023” tender competition, which enables the sale of the trainer for local government units (JST), the company announced.

The “Shooting range in the district” competition is organized by the Ministry of National Defense. The aim of the competition is to promote shooting among school youth. As part of the competition, local government units can apply for a subsidy of up to 80% of the costs of creating a virtual shooting range.

“We have completed the certification process of our product in terms of joining the shooting range project in the district. This was one of the goals of our company for the first quarter of 2023. Thanks to this, we can offer a shooting trainer for local government units that will be looking for this type of solution after signing a subsidy agreement with the Ministry of National Defence, commented the managing director of Milisystem S.A. Marian Ślimak during the webinar.

In the first half of 2023, the company wants to introduce to its offer replicas of electric powered weapons with recoil and replicas of the GROT carbine, also with electric drive with recoil – solutions that have not been seen on the market so far. Joint works with Klimawent and Port Arthur are also to be completed, aimed at developing a bullet trap with an integrated target projection system as part of the “Wisła” shooting trainer. According to the company, this is an innovative solution with no analogues on the world market.

“The number of gun permits issued is constantly growing, as is the interest in shooting training itself. In Poland, the demand for shooting ranges definitely exceeds the supply, there are not enough of them. What’s more, the current situation in our region has caused the Polish government to take some systemic actions, which are also associated with an increase in the demand for shooting training. Our product makes it possible to increase the effectiveness of such trainings and fills a gap in the market,” pointed out President Jan Kempara.

In the third quarter, the company plans to increase sales through the implementation of signed contracts and software development on all versions of the trainer, as well as participation in subsequent competitions “Shooting range in the district”. By the end of the year, Milisystem wants to complete the deliveries of trainers in accordance with the signed contracts as part of the resolved competitions.

The business model of Milisystem (formerly Intelligent Gaming Solutions) is based on the delivery of the advanced shooting trainer “Wisła”, which is aimed at both the military and civilian sectors. The company’s goal is to sell the product to selected target groups and to popularize shooting both in Poland and abroad.


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