Microsoft data processing projects on plan

The construction of the Polish Microsoft data processing region is proceeding according to plan. At the same time, the implementation of the investment announced in May 2020 accelerated threefold in the area of ​​increasing specialist IT competences. The concern wants to train another 150 thousand. people in Poland from cloud technologies, said Mark Loughran, the head of Microsoft in Poland.

The data center as part of the Polish Digital Valley will service the entire region of the Three Seas Initiative with 125 million inhabitants.

“We are building a total of 3 data center complexes within a radius of approx. 25 km from Warsaw. The Polish Microsoft region will be the second largest in the world. It is built according to the latest 7th and 8th generation technologies, which translates, among others, into for very low delays, low power usage effectiveness associated with the most modern and environmentally neutral cooling technologies ”- indicated Jarosław Sokolnicki, the leader of the Warsaw Microsoft Technology Center.

Specialist team unit lead and member of the Microsoft management board in Poland, Robert Gajda, indicated that most companies are currently in the process of preparing or adopting.


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