Microsoft has opened the region’s first cloud computing region in Poland

Microsoft has launched the most modern and at the same time the first in Central and Eastern Europe cloud computing region in Poland, worth USD 1 billion. This is the first cloud computing region opened by Microsoft in Central and Eastern Europe, the company emphasizes.

“Today, for the first time, we have a chance to be part of the global digital transformation process and take advantage of it. We have a lot of IT talents in Poland. The war in Ukraine made us realize how important cybersecurity is. […] A few years ago we started cooperation – a Microsoft cloud project, we must do everything to speed up this project. We want to be in the vanguard or among those who develop cloud technologies,” said Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki during the 15th European Economic Congress (ECE) in Katowice. The ISBnews agency is the media patron of the Congress.

He emphasized that Microsoft’s investment puts Poland in the center of the region.

“Poland is a magnet for American investments,” stressed the Prime Minister.

“Connecting Poland to the largest trusted global cloud infrastructure is a significant support for the resilience of the country, society and organization as well as the development of the Polish Digital Valley. One of the main elements of strengthening this resilience is raising digital competences in the country. Since the announcement of this investment in 2020, Microsoft has trained over 430,000 IT professionals, business representatives, partners and students. Everyone will need digital skills to fill jobs in the most in-demand jobs and build their earning potential in a changing economy. This is an area where we can help more people get better jobs,” said Ralph Haupter, president, EMEA, Microsoft.

In May 2020, Microsoft, together with Operator Chmury Krajowej, announced a partnership and the largest investment in the country’s history worth USD 1 billion in digital technology, which assumes, among others, construction of a data center in Warsaw.

Morawiecki also announced that the IT center of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority (KNF) will be located in Katowice.

“Another initiative is that we really want central institutions to locate their centers in Silesia – I want to announce that an IT center of the KNF – a powerful financial institution – will be created. This is another very important information for Silesia, announced the Prime Minister.

“We are opening up to investors, investments and talents, we will create the best conditions for the IT industry, also in the region, in the EU” – said Morawiecki.

He pointed out that Poland is a friendly country for large international companies, smaller companies that want to rebuild their supply and relocation chains, it is friendly as a country for nearshoring and friendshoring processes.


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