Metaversum started operating on the military market

Metaversum started operating on the military market, which is to become a key pillar of the company's development. The company intends to use its resources and competences to create modern solutions and products for the military, defense and training industries as well as for the protection of people and property, the company said.

As a result of the analysis of opportunities, threats and potential directions of development conducted by the management board in the coming years, the company recognized the military market as offering the greatest opportunities for business growth due to the geopolitical situation, Russia's invasion of Ukraine and the related structural trends in increasing expenditure on defense and military . At the same time, the existing projects, in particular in the blockchain / NFT sector, will continue to be developed, however, the military segment will be a key pillar of the company's development, emphasized.

“In the last several months, the company has undergone a very significant transformation. Our team, so far mainly creating computer games, has been strengthened by specialists in the field of blockchain technology and programming. As a result of the analyzes and discussions with potential partners and clients, the management board came to the conclusion that expansion in the military industry is the optimal path of development for the company in the current geopolitical situation. What's more, our competences and resources in the field of IT and blockchain can be relatively easily moved and used in new projects, ”said President Radomir Woźniak, quoted in the release.

Metaversum also announced that within the military sector, the most interesting areas of development from the company's point of view are, in particular, IT areas of battlefield systems, robotics or the use of blockchain technology in cryptography.

Shockwork Games S.A. (in the process of changing the name to Metaversum S.A.) intends to continue the production of games, while focusing on blockchain technology and related NFT tokens, which connect the world of finance and games, providing players with opportunities to earn money while playing. In addition, the company is in the process of building a team and relationships with external entities in order to develop NFT-based games and implement metaverse projects.

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